Match Day Songs

We've put together a list of songs that OLSC Atlanta sing at Fado Buckhead on match days!  Some songs, of course, have more verses, but we tend to stick with the chorus on a few.  We encourage you to sing along with us, so if you have visited with us before, heard us sing, but didn't quite know the words, then here is your chance to learn them.  Don't be afraid of pulling up these songs on your phone to sing along!  We promise, after a few matches you'll have them kept to memory!  YNWA 

To access songs on the website, just hover your curser over "songs" and the list will come up.  Then just click on which song you want.

To access the song tab on your phone, use the pull down menu (gray) to access the tabs.  Then click on "Songs" to open all of the songs.  Finally, click on the song you want to see the lyrics for.  To hear the song, click on the picture below the song and you will be directed to a YouTube video of the song.