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The Unlikely Fan, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Liverpool FC

For many sports fans, supporting the team that you do is a matter of heredity, no less than your height or your eye color. It's the common thread that runs through the shared history of your family, and you can't even imagine life without it.

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Ahead of the Return of Daniel Sturridge

Everyone from Anfield to California to Australia is anxiously awaiting the return of Daniel Sturridge, the hopeful answer to all of our finishing options up front. As it is long overdue, as recognized on Tuesday, how does this exactly affect the team? Here are my thoughts:

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And Lo, Our Fowler Saw

And lo, our Fowler saw that the 3-4-3 was working and the Redmen were once again playing with skill and dedication, and He shone his benevolent light upon the Anfield faithful, and the light was good.


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On Costa Vs Suarez

On Costa vs Suarez. When Liverpool fans complain about Costa's violent behavior, we usually have it thrown back in our face about Suarez and his own behavior. "You wouldn't say that if it was 'your' guy!"

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